Secretariat Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha said on Friday the Constitutional Court of Ukraine “has ruined public trust by blatantly violating laws,” according to president's press office. 

“After yesterday’s appointment of Valeriy Pshenychny, who had been dismissed by the President, as deputy chairman of the Constitutional Court, none of its rulings will be legal and moral. It is now a priori obvious that any decision by the Constitutional Court will be politically biased. Yesterday, the Constitutional Court showed that it was ill with political dependence, so it is vital to find a remedy to treat this illness as soon as possible,” he said.

Since the Constitutional Court can shamelessly ignore Ukraine’s laws, it can no longer participate in the ongoing process to resolve the country’s political crisis, asnobody will accept its illegal rulings, he said. “Yesterday it became clear that political corruption had corroded another independent institution,” he said.

Baloha said yesterday’s coup had coincided with the deliberate attempts by some members of a special group to resolve the crisis to block these talks.

“I am convinced these actions are synchronized. There are reasons to think the Constitutional Court will produce rulings that will enable the coalition to declare that it is inexpedient to take further steps for holding early elections. In fact, this will be anti-state activity,” he concluded.

Baloha warned the dismissed judges that they could be prosecuted.“These are not childish games outdoors but a reason for public prosecution. Let us not create precedents of such controversial trials, as it will destroy the remains of respect for the court as well as for Ukraine as a legal state,” he said.

Baloha said the presidential decree to disband parliament and call early elections for June 24 was still in force. “There is an agreement between the President and the Prime Minister that an early election is necessary as the only way to resolve the political crisis. The working group is formulating an algorithm to implement this agreement and appoint an election date. Nothing can stop it or make it step back,” he said.


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