The PR will not allow to hold elections in June. The PR people’s deputy Taras Chornovil told in an interview.

“We will not let to hold early parliamentary elections in June. Yushchenko could finance elections by his decree but then we would block elections process and declare it illegal. The President is self-entrapped. His people adopted such law that does not foresee early voting, Chornovil said.

Chornovil considers Yushchenko demonstrated strong-willed traits that were not expected from him.

Moreover, Chornovil considers the situation in Ukraine is forwarding not according to the Constitution but according to Freud. “President’s people frighten him by so-called threatens to Tymoshenko’s or Yushchenko’s life in order to make him declare state of emergency and to introduce direct presidential governing. But Yushchenko will not make such steps,” he said.

“We are ready for early elections in case they will be held in late October. Then we will get half of votes. The communists will join us and we will have 300 votes that allows us to make changes to the Constitution,” he said.


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