One of the BYuT leaders Olexander Turchynov declares that if the PR keeps its words, it should vote for worked out documents for early parliamentary election despite position of CPU and SPU. He told yesterday after the session of the working group.

Turchynov noted that yesterday was the last session of the working group. According to him, the working group prepared all necessary documents to adopt them in the parliament. He opined that the working group made its all functions so it is time fo the President and PM to hold a meeting and to put an end to it.

Speaking about position of CPU and SPU, he noted that they try to block early parliamentary election at any expenses. He also noted that retardation of the negotiation process can lead to that election will be held during holiday period that is not to any political party's advantage. Turchynov considers that the compromise date of elections should be not later than early July, otherwise they should be held in accordance with the President’s decree on June 24.


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