Secretariat Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha on Monday said Saturday’s appointment of Ivan Plyushch as secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine had been “dictated by the need to change the quality of the country’s security and defense management,” president's press office informs

He said President Yushchenko considered Plyushch to be one of the key state managers whose main task is to stabilize the country. “We must put an end to this permanent fever in the state. The National Security and Defense Council will play the most important role in this process,” he said.

Plyushch will have to reform the national law enforcement system, fight judicial corruption, slightly change Ukraine’s energy policy and develop border cooperation with our neighbors, he said. Baloha added that the Security Council should become a “dynamic and flexible body” to adequately respond to challenges and implement its tasks.

He then said there was no “political undercurrent” in former NSDCU secretary Vitaly Haiduk’s resignation and called all other commentaries on this “voluntary decision” “conjectures and fantasies of certain political forces and their spokespersons.”

Baloha characterized Plyushch as an exceptionally hard-working, authoritative and experienced person.

“The new secretary of the National Security and Defense Council has always been working to benefit Ukraine, never squandering his talents on trifles. His influence and reputation, which he has not bought for money but earned through worthy actions, make us confident he will fulfill his mission,” he said.


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