The President’s words are bluff. Olexander Moroz the VRU speaker commented recent events in the Ukrainian politics; the ForUm’s correspondent informs referring to the VR press office.

“The President dismissed CC judge Volodymyr Ivashchenko illegally and even did not consider it necessary to make legal excuse for his actions,” Moroz noted.

According to Moroz, numerous decrees of the President on CCU judges dissmissal prove that the President intends to dissolve judicial power in Ukraine. Such step was made by the President in order to reach compromise as he said.

“Yanukovych as a representative of the coalition made all possible to reach compromise with the President. But he again faces illegal decree of the President – despite all their agreements,” Moroz noted.

“Viktor Yushchenko demonstrated that he continues to fulfill his plan and only at the beginning he imitated search for compromise. He did not fulfill and does not intend to fulfill given promises,” Moroz added.

“So I offer to suspend all formal and informal negotiations with the President until the CCU status quo is resumed, until Yushchenko and his people stop pressure the CCU and cancel all illegal degrees on CCU judges’ dismissal,” Moroz declared. According to Moroz, only CCU verdict can be a starting point for compromise.


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