The President’s decree on CCU judge Volodymyr Ivashchenko dismissal does not correspond to last agreements on resolving of political crisis reached by the PM and the President during the meeting on May 4, the cabinet press office informs referring to the PM Yanukovych.

“The President’s decree proves that the President again ignores achieved agreements,” Yanukovych said.

According to him, recent decrees of the President on VRU dissolution that led to blocking of the legislative branch of power, pressure on the CCU judges and their dismissal - all these led to political crisis and public confrontation. According to Yanukovych, such actions of the President violate basic principles of the democracy.

“CCU judge dismissal is one more step to blocking of the CCU work and judicial branch of power,” he added.

Yanukovych addressed the leaders of neighboring countries to act as international conciliators on political crisis resolution in Ukraine. “Further neutral position of our strategic partners does not contribute to solving of the political conflict but only gives the President assurance in his illegal actions,” Yanukovych noted.

If situation will be the same as now it will lead to enhancement of civil confrontation and increase danger of country collapse,” the PM said.


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