The VRU chairman Olexander Moroz is convinced that in few weeks political crisis in Ukraine will be resolved. He told yesterday in Rivne during a meeting with Czech Senate chairman Premysl Sobotka.

Moroz noted that the political crisis is artificially organized and opined that in some weeks Ukraine will be able to resolve it.

In turn Sobotka noted that there is very complicated situation in Ukraine but it is good that appropriate steps are made to overcome it. “You are preserving that has importance for me too – democracy and Constitution,” he said, addressing Moroz.

Moroz also noted that visit of his Czech colleague will contribute to further development and strengthening of Ukrainian-Czech relations.

Sobotka considers Ukraine is able to settle its inner conflicts itself. But at the same time he noted that “we are a part of Europe and any problems arising in European countries can’t’ but bother us.” Sobotka wished Ukraine to resolve crisis in favor of all its citizens.


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