The Minister of Transport and Communications Mykola Rudkovsky, when touring to Odesa, said that a safety level in all sectors of the transport industry will be increased, Cabinet press office reported.

"It is of great importance to ensure that unauthorized persons should not be admitted to the transport system. In order to enhance the safety level, a set of persons having access to particular transport facilities will be strongly limited. Even transport enterprises' employees will not always have access to these facilities supplied by them. Moreover, the maintenance inspection will be intensified as well", - the Minister stressed.

The Ministry's chief also spoke of the current crash of the "Capital Express" train. "There are about 50 track switches in Ukraine and it is impossible to appoint a sub-machine gunner to look after each one", he said and added that an efficient control can be insured, first of all, by means of special equipment and day and night video-surveillance. And the Ministry is going to intensify cooperation with the militia in this direction.

"The safety support measures will be also increased in airports, and in particular, the accompanied luggage is going to be limited", the Minister noted.

The aim of Mykola Rudkovsky trip to Odesa was to take part in a meeting devoted to safety support issues in the transport and prevention of unauthorized interference in the transport operation.


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