The “Our Ukraine” leader Vyacheslav Kyrylenko noted that the working group has almost all necessary documents for the VRU to adopt. He told today the journalists before the working group sitting after the break. According to Kyrylenko, the break was because of the Communists protest against everything the working group has been working at on Saturday and Sunday. In such a way the coalition asked a break to solve its inner problems.

At that Kyrylenko noted that necessary documents including changes introductions to the law on parliamentary elections, draft resolution of the VRU and changes to the law on imperative mandate are ready by 90%.

“So we need only coalition agreement,” he emphasized.

Answering the question what the communists do not agree with, Kyrylenko noted they do not agree with the early elections in general but it is only counterproductive position as there are all agreements concerning early parliamentary elections. The matter concerns only necessary documents and terms.


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