Today at the sitting the Government considers a number of laws and the most important among them are laws on social payments, Cabinet press office reported.

“Foremost – increase of pensions,” Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych noted in his opening address at the Cabinet sitting.

“Beginning June 1 the Government shall essentially increase pensions for our pensioners,” the Head of Government stressed adding that beginning May 9 on the eve of the Victory Day celebrations we shall increase pensions, social payments, one-time payments for our veterans, participants of the Great Patriotic War.

“We are to consider these laws today and take a decision in spite of quite complicated political situation. However, we do our best for the functioning of the economy and it is really working,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

“During this period of time the Government succeeded to increase budget revenues above 5% that amounts to 1,7 billion UAH and these revenues are to be directed at increasing pensions and wages for doctors, teachers as we have promised at the beginning of this year,” Viktor Yanukovych said.

Finishing his opening address the Prime Minister noted that we are approaching the Victory Day and perceiving the complexity of the political situation in the country the Government would do its best for solving this situation as soon as possible and let the country peacefully celebrate this Day.


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