The people’s deputy of PR faction Vasyl Kiselev considers CCU judges’ dismissal by the President Yushchenko is illegal. He told today in the parliament, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“Dismissal for oath treason without VRU resolution is illegal, that’s why the judges are legitimate and the President’s decree is not in force,” he stressed.

He also noted that any of the Ukraine’s presidents neglected the Constitution as Yushchenko does. The Yushchenko’s decrees should be cancelled as they violate the Constitution.

He considers Yushchenko will never resign voluntarily.

According to Kiselev, the way out of the given situation should be a referendum. It is necessary to ask the people whether it is for or against early parliamentary elections, the presidential elections or simultaneous parliamentary and presidential elections. Only people can answer these questions.

Moreover, he on behalf of the VRU asked the Cabinet not to allocate any funds for illegal parliamentary elections.


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