The Washington Times, Washington, D.C., Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ukrainian Premier Viktor Yanukovich points the blame at President Viktor
Yushchenko for violating the constitution when he disbanded parliament
("Ukrainian premier outlines plans for the future," Op-Ed, Monday). Mr.
Yanukovich's record of adhering to the constitution and rule of law is as
bad, if not worse.

The Council of Europe ruled that the constitutional reforms were adopted
illegally, but Mr. Yanukovich ignored its recommendations.

After Mr. Yushchenko was elected, Mr. Yanukovich's Party of Regions
paralyzed the constitutional court by blocking the allocation of judges by
parliament. More recently, Mr. Yanukovich's coalition refused to join the
president's constitutional commission.

Both sides, especially Mr. Yanukovich, should learn to abide by the rule of
law and constitution and not attempt to monopolize power by upsetting the
balance of power. Mr. Yanukovich's greed for power has led ultimately to the
president's decree, and an early election is the only way out of the crisis.
TARAS KUZIO, Assistant professorial lecturer, Institute for European,
Russian and Eurasian Studies Elliott School of International Affairs,
George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

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