President Victor Yushchenko’s representative in the Constitutional Court, Volodymyr Shapoval,told a news conference on Thursday yesterday’s decree to postpone the date of parliamentary elections would help political forces to better prepare for the snap poll and hold talks to resolve the political crisis, according to president's press office.

He said the new order had been officially published in The Official Bulletin of the President of Ukraine and wastherefore in force and binding. He added that the country’s law enforcement bodies should ensure its implementation and prosecute those defying it. Hecomplained that they had been "too mild" towards the cabinet of ministers and the Central Election Commission, which disobeyed or didnothing to fulfill the April 2 dissolution decree.He said another refusal by the government to provide funds for the June 24 election “could be regarded as a constitutional violation.”

Shapoval said Yushchenko still believed the parliamentary coalition had been formed illegally and then describedthe April 26 decree as "consistent with the principles of the rule of law." He added that the new decree was based on article 90 of the constitution and that the constitutional court, which had been considering the legality of the previous orderfor two weeks, should conclude its hearings.

Shapoval said he would “defend the president’s stance” before the constitutional court if it was asked to rule on the constitutionality of yesterday’s decree.


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