The political process is ongoing in Ukraine and a new style of political compromise around the Constitution appearing in Ukraine, which might cause the improvement of the whole political system. This was what EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Vladimir Spidla stated in Strasbourg at the European Parliament plenary sitting.

The Commissioner said that "It is not the role of the EU to intervene" in these developments, but we should call on all political forces to work together for compromise.

He stressed that debating developments in Ukraine is very important, taking into consideration the start of the talks between the European Commission and Ukraine on a new enhanced agreement.

"Ukraine is a key partner for the EU, and we are entirely resolved to enhance our relations" Commissioner Spidla stressed.

The non-violence of street demonstrations in Ukraine demonstrates that its citizens understand the need to abide by democratic principles and the rule of law - including the independence of the Constitutional Court - and Ukraine appears to be developing a "new style of compromise", including "controls on the political system", he went on.

The talks between Ukraine and the EU on the new enhanced agreement started in Brussels on March 5. It should replace the partnership and cooperation agreement, signed in 1998 and expiring in 2008, Cabinet press office reported.


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