Comparing with Maydan-2004 when the whole Ukraine stood for the idea to provide transparent and profound ground for development of the Ukraine’s future, the present so-called “Maydans” near the President’s Secretariat, the VRU, the Cabinet, European square, Maydan Nezalezhnosti and the CCU look like inexpedient ones. These pretended Maydans are infelicitous attempt to show ‘significant’ support to some political forces.
The matter does not concern numbers but absence of idea and hope to change anything. Looking at those people brandishing colored flags and posters either for opposition or coalition support you can easily see in their eyes there is no idea and reason except… money. All of them who come and stay near administrative buildings are students, pensioners of unemployed people whose objective is to get their 10-20$ per day – just a good chance to earn extra money and nothing more. It also concerns those people who come or put it correctly are delivered from other regions. People are not moved by idea like it was in 2004-2005. Hope, believe and trust should lead the people but not corruption and betrayal.
Politicians conduct tug of war for power and posts. They need artificially-organized Maydans just for covering their faults and failures.
Time for Maydans is over. The “oranges” lost their chance. They could not become one joint team governing the country; the “regions” will never have chance for real Maydans and people’s trust. The coalition tries to deceive the people and first of all itself by those bought numbers of supporters. Maybe the PM is still living by Donetsk rules and thinks that people can be bought but he does not know that the Ukrainian spirit of nation is something above money.
Many questions remain still open but one thing is clear for sure – current Maydans do not represent people’s wish…but politicians’.
Katerina Burlak

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