Victor Yushchenko visited the Russian embassy in Kyiv on Tuesday to pay tribute to former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, who had died on April 23 aged 76, president'spress office reported.

“On behalf of the Ukrainian nation, I would like to express sincere condolences over the passing of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, the Russian Federation’s eminent statesman and first president. The great democrat, builder of the renewed Russia and inspired advocate of freedom passed into eternity. […]. Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin will forever remain in our hearts as Ukraine’s close friend, our reliable partner and committed supporter of a new strategic partnership between Ukraine and Russia,” he wrote in a condolence book.

The Ukrainian leader later told reporters, “Speaking about Boris Nikolayevich, we understand how difficult it was for him to rebuild Russia when he was its first president. We realize that he was a remarkable leader and great personality who made a great, qualitative contribution to the development of bilateral relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. We remember and appreciate all these achievements and all these good actions.”

Yushchenko thanked the Yeltsin family and Russia for having “such a historic figure” and for what Yeltsin had done to be always remembered in Ukraine.
Photo: president's press office

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