The Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych considers that there is few presidents in Europe who have such authorities like the Ukrainian president. Yanukovych told today in an interview to the Polish newspaper.

“The governing coalition wants only to form effective system of power where the President takes his place. Nowadays we are interested in implementation of the Constitutional reform and want to bring legislation in correspondence with the Constitution. Solution of these problems needs cooperation of all political forces,” Yanukovych noted.

The Ukraine’s PM stressed again that the only way out of the given conflict is strict obedience of the law. “The CC will decide who is right and we all should obey it,” he said.

Answering the question whether he recalls Yushchenko in case the CC admits Yushchenko’s decree unconstitutional, Yanukovych said: “We are likely not to take radical measures concerning the President. We think Viktor Yushchenko made a mistake but it is a fault of his advisers. If the President admits his fault we will not demand punishment for him.”


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