The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko and PM Viktor Yanukovych agreed yesterday during their meeting to stop street meetings up to May 10. One of the PR members told today the journalist.

They are supposed not to make any sharp statements and resolutions, laws and decrees both from the President’s side and the Government and Parliament.

Instead it, the working group should prepare draft bills that will be adopted in the VRU, in particular, draft bill on imperative mandate, on President, on regulations of the VRU and on Constitutional Court.

At the same time during the meeting Yushchenko again noted that he insists on early parliamentary elections.

The party of Regions considers that the biggest opponent of early elections is the SPU whose rate is low to be in the parliament. The CPU leader Ivan Boky confirms that socialists are against early parliamentary elections and considers that they are possible only together with the presidential elections.


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