The VRU chairman Olexander Moroz intends to offer the President Yushchenko and other subjects of the political process represented in the parliament, draft memorandum on reconciliation and cooperation.

The draft memorandum foresees general plan on conflict regulation, in particular, decision on cancellation (suspend for a month or by the CCU verdict) the President’s decree on the VRU dissolution and correspondent resolutions of the VRU and the Cabinet of Ukraine.

The draft memorandum also says that in case the CCU admits the President’s decree constitutional, the election campaign will be declared and postponed for summer-autumn for preparation of correspondent normative base.

In case of negative CCU verdict concerning the President’s decree, the parliament will consider the number of draft bills that should be considered and adopted within May.

The parties should sign Memorandum on reconciliation and cooperation.

The memorandum also has address to the supporters of the political parties with gratitude and request to return home, trusting the politicians to solve the conflict.


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