The Ukraine's PM Viktor Yanukovych is convinced that the CCU verdict will not be for the President’s benefit and calls him to make a compromise decision before the CCU verdict.

“Today the President has an opportunity to change the situation – to suspend his decree, to start negotiations on urgent issues and to reach compromise before the CCU verdict. The Coalition is open for this,” Yanukovych told the first Russian TV channel.

“We insist to reach a political-legal solution before the CCU verdict. Today everything depends on the President. After the CCU brings its verdict, Yushchenko will obey it but his position will be, to put it mildly, poor,” Yanukovych said.

Yanukovych informed that the coalition has expert conclusions of independent judicial companies giving legal estimation to the current situation.

“To emphasize that it is necessary to fulfill the President’s decree but not the Constitution, I think is Yushchenko’s mistake,” Yanukovych noted.

Yanukovych expressed regret that the President followed the radically oriented opposition.


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