Victor Yushchenko hassaid during a pressconference the Prosecutor General’s Office must "play a keyrole" in controlling the observance of laws, especially the implementation of his decree to dissolve parliament. He wants to knowwhetherit can adhere to the country’s lawsand withstand “the pressure of political corruption” during the political crisis, president's press office reported.

“It is obvious that we are witnessing the biggest corruption scandal now. We can together make wonderful conclusions and learn wonderful lessons from this scandal but I am convinced that the Prosecutor General’s Office mustsolo in this crisis,” he said. “Prosecutor General Medvedko reassured the National Security and Defense Councilhe would protect the law and the presidential decree. … But our reality is different.”

Yushchenkosaid the problem should be resolved by legal means "so that the country, the nation and all political forces should get used to adhering to laws.”

“However, the government is demonstratively ignoring the law, and this is a bad example of how state institutions should treat it.”


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