Victor Yushchenko has told a news conference Ukraine’s political crisis should be resolved through compromise, president's press office reported.

“As President, I see only one wayto settle the crisis in Ukraine, and it is both political and legal,” he said after a meeting with Prime Minister Yanukovych on Friday, insisting that an early parliamentary election was a key element to end theirstandoff.

Yushchenko said he would suspend his decree disbanding parliament if the country’s political leaders were ready to make compromises. “Does the president agree to suspend his order? I would like to say firmly he does , but only if we formulate several political compromises,” he said.

The Ukrainian leader suggests that they:

  • ensure that a coalition of deputy factions is never again formed as it was formed in March; “Sometimes this rule is called imperative mandate. I would put it more straightforwardly: we must create instruments preventing us from such relapses in the future,” he said.
  • revise the Law on the Cabinet of Ministers by considering his proposals;
  • adopt and enact a law on the rules of procedure of the Verkhovna Rada; “I want the Verkhovna Rada, which has been working for 16 years, to be guided not by resolutions, which are often manipulated and harm democracy, but by a special law,” he said.
  • adopt and enact a law on Ukraine’s parliamentary opposition to create an effective balance of powers;
  • pass amendments to the country’s electoral legislation;
  • pass and enact the National Unity Pact as a law; “One of the conclusions of this conflict is that the sides should realize that it is vital to unite to uphold the nation’s priorities,” he said.
  • reform the country’s law enforcement bodies, especially the Prosecutor General’s Office, which “has failed to act adequately and preserve the rule of law during the political crisis, which obviously does not benefit democratic processes;” “It is sad that almost all ourlaw enforcement leaders have the same diagnosis,” he said.
  • create a commission to amend the constitution;
  • rescind illegitimate governmental resolutions contradicting the presidential dissolution order;
  • stop creating artificial divisions in society and staging “pseudo-Maidans;” He said certain political leaders need blood on Kyiv’s main street and called on Ukrainians not to succumb to provocations, pledging to allow use of force.
  • hold a referendum on constitutional changes; “...We would like to show that our society should be involved in settling the crisis,” he said.

Yushchenko then explained to reporters again why he had decided to dissolve parliament, accusing the ruling coalition of seeking to usurp power through unconstitutional means.

“I would really like the sides of the conflict to be guided by the PACE resolution, the statement by Europe’s thirteen authoritative politicians, the NSDCU resolution and common sense to find a political solution to the crisis,” he said.


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