The PR asks people not to listen to Yulia Tymoshenko to come in Maydan. Natalya Horbenko the people’s deputy (PR) told today in the parliament.

“Within the recent actions of the opposition the political situation in the country is on the dangerous edge-boiling point. The opposition needs to make the last step and the country will turn to be in the civil confrontation,” she said.

“It is significant that "adventures in white" called the people to barricades at the moment the Yanukovych’s Government overcame economic crisis. As only the President declared about possibility to agree with the coalition of national unity, she called the people to go in the last action. But the question whether the people needs it?” she said.

According to Horbenko, “the society is tired of hysterics of fuhrer in skirt who hides behind the people barricades and is able only to break the economy.”

“A braid of politically concerned woman, who ruled the Government untalented and now teach the others to work, hardly became a noose around the neck of the economics. Today this braid is tightened around the people’s neck,” she stressed.


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