Victor Yushchenko met with the President of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Pottering, in Brussels on Tuesday to speak about the political situation in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian leader pledged during a joint press conference “to resolve the political crisis caused by the parliamentary crisis nonviolently and through political means,” and called political corruption “a generator of the initial crisis.”

“The President’s decree to disband parliament was a consequence of those causes of the parliamentary crisis,” he said, adding that the country’s political leaders were now seeking to find "both political and legal" solutions to the problem.“I am convinced we are now close to settling the crisis […] and this process will make Ukraine more democratic and European.”

He thanked our European partners for their straightforward position on Ukraine’s crisis.

“It is very important that our friends in the European Union letUkraine resolve the situation independently. The matter is that the answer to all questions is in Ukraine,” he said, adding that democracy “always offers lots of opportunities to resolve any conflict in a peaceful manner.”

Pottering called on Ukraine’s political leaders to spare no effort to settle the matter peacefully and legally.

“I think an early election is that instrument you need to understand the will of the nation,” he said. “We will particularly support the president in his intentions to settle the situation.”

He agreed with Yushchenko that political corruption was one of Ukraine’s biggest threats and problems, thanking him for his “active criticism of such actions.”

Pottering said Europe could send Javier Solana, Secretary General of the Council of the European Union and High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, as a mediator to defuse the crisis if Ukraine asked the European Parliament for assistance. He also said Yushchenko’s visit to Brussels showed his respect for and trust in the European Union's institutions.
Photo: president's press office

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