Victor Yushchenko sent a letter to Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych on Friday to demand the government immediately resolve problems caused by unreasonable utility price hikes, president's press office reported.

The President said the cabinet of ministers had to implement his February 6/2007 decree No. 77 to revise Ukraine’s legal acts regulating these prices by the end of this year’s first quarter. The government, however, failed to carry out his order, he added.

He requested Premier Yanukovych to personally oversee its implementation, as well as toconsider the following proposals by governors and heads of local administrations and self-governments: 
 - improving the mechanismsof utility price formation, particularly by establishing independent regulatory commissions;
 - holding public debates on utility prices in the regions;
 - continuing to bring gas prices in line with its actual market price in order to reduce unnecessary social subsidies and take additional measures to help those who cannot afford to pay their utility bills;
 - adoptingbills or passingamendments to Ukrainian laws to resolve the utility issue.

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