Eight out of thirteen members of Central Election Commission refused to make preparations to the early parliamentary elections. In the recent time the composition of the CEC has been divided in two parts. One part supports early elections, the other one to in belong Serhy Dubovik, Valentyna Zavalevska, Makhaylo Okhendovsky, is waiting for CC verdict, according to “Delo” newspaper.

These members of the CEC signed an agreement with the request tot eh Constitutional Court, the VRU and the President. The agreement concerns that without CC verdict it is impossible to arrange elections.

Besides, four members are now in sick-lists. They are Ihor Kachur, Bronislav Raykovsky, Olexander Chupakhin and Yury Donchenko. Their absence contributed to the absence of quorum in the Central Election Commission. Quorum can be provided by 10 members out of 13. It is obvious that the coalition supporters who are on sick-lists will not come back to work before the CC verdict.

Two CEC members keep to neutrality. And only three members are ready to make arrangements for early elections, they are Yaroslav Davydovych, Andry Magera and Anatoly Pysarenko.


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