Commenting on yesterday’s statement by Finance Minister Mykola Azarov who believes the building political crisis poses a threat to the national economy, the President Yushchenko said, “This is a senseless and irresponsible statement. It is aimed at putting political pressure on society", president's press office reported 

“This government has made no breakthrough in the national economy, although it said a few days ago it had,” he said, adding that Ukraine, like any other country with a transition economy, had been developing dynamically in the past six years.

He said Ukraine’s fast economic growth, which makes the government led by Yanukovych so proud, is a “macroeconomic tendency and does not depend on three or four months of someone’s work or inactivity.”

Yushchenko, however, said a few negative tendencies, among them VAT debts, insufficient funding of agriculture and non-transparent privatization, had appeared in the national economy in the past several months.

“So I would like the cabinet to work professionally and make no accusations to see what they want to see. The situation in the economy is stable.”

He said the country’s major markets were stable and that there were no threats to the budget deficit and enough money in the currency reserves of the National Bank.

“What we see now on the stock market is a tactical fluctuation caused by this political confusion. But I want to stress that this disorder is not in the presidential decree [to dissolve parliament]. The decree is a consequence, whereas the initial problem leading to the deep political crisis was the crisis in Ukraine’s parliament,” he said.


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