Victor Yushchenko took part in a ceremony on Wednesday to honor Ukrainian inmates of the Nazi concentration camps, rocket scientists and journalists and editors of The Literary Ukraine with state awards, President's press office informs.

In his speech to the victims of the totalitarian regime, the President said our society and government were indebted to those who suffered from “the tyranny of the two systems, German and Communist.” “These are the people that deserve the highest praise and esteem,” he said.

Speaking to rockets builders, who are celebrating their professional holiday tomorrow, Yushchenko said each citizen of Ukraine could be proud of our achievements in this science. He said a country having and developing high technologies could “conquer the global competitive market.”

“We have wonderful scientific and technological advantages and it is very important to make sure these advantages are used to benefit Ukraine and the nation for many years,” he said, calling those working in this branch of science Ukraine’s technical elite. “It is a pleasure to say that this branch is developing today and plays an important role in the national economy. Those international projects in which Ukraine participates show that our country’s authority is appreciated worldwide.”

The President then described The Literary Ukraine as a newspaper of “Ukraine’s concerned intelligentsia.”

“I understand perfectly well that The Literary Ukraine is the nerve of Ukraine’s life, and your work is obviously important to the country’s intelligentsia.”


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