Having invited the delegation of the State Duma of Russia to the VRU, the coalition proved that it acts in interests of Russia. The people’s deputy Henady Udovenko told today, according to the OU press office.

“Anti crisis coalition” headed by Moroz invited delegation of the Russian State Duma to the VRU to show its proMoscow policy and devotion to the Kremlin,” Udovenko noted, commenting presence of the delegation of State Duma at the VRU session.

“If the coalition invited simultaneously a delegation from US congress or at least from the Polish Seym, then we could speak about objectivity of the Verkhovna Rada,” he noted.

“Moroz again proved that the Ukrainian parliament is the fifth column acting in the interests of Russia,” he added

“Russia pursues only its interests and uses the current situation in Ukraine for strengthening of its political influence,” Udovenko noted.


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