The Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Tsushko told the journalist about meeting of the president Yushchenko with the officials of the security agencies. The ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“It was a common weekly session. Each representative of the departments informed the situation in the country and in the capital. “I informed that all peaceful actions are held without any excesses and that the political forces are bluffing and give incorrect data about quantity of people participating in these actions,” Tsushko said.

According to Tsushko, during the meeting Yushchenko noted that all law-enforcement bodies should express natural treat to all political forces and provide order in the country. “To solve the crisis is the business of the politicians. The police will not interfere and to violate the constitution and laws,” Tsushko noted.

Answering the journalists’ question why Yushchenko holds meetings with officials of the security agencies so often, Tsushko said: “I consider Yushchenko wants to kwon the situation firsthand.”

He also informed that the Cabinet holds such meetings every day. During such political crisis it is a normal practice.


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