Early parliamentary elections scheduled for May 27 are impossible to be held. Party of Regions’ deputy Yulia Kovalevskaya told speaking in Maydan square, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

“Re-elections are impossible, as terms of presenting of party lists have been violated,” she said.

According to her, lists of deputies of Our Ukraine are illegal, and that is why there will be no elections.

She underlined that if re-elections takes place, they will be illegal and every court will recognize them illegitimate, and as a consequence new re-elections will be appointed.

“Hence, we will be drawn in continual process of re-elections,” she noted.

Kovalevskay is convinced that a free-rule game is being played in Ukraine. “There are no winners in the game, only losers,” she stated.

The deputy called all comers to defend the Constitution and stand in Maydan to the last. “We will stay in Maydan till the Constitutional Court cancels anti-constitutional decree of Yushchenko,” she said.


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