Law-enforcement services expect provoked collisions between the representatives of the confrontations forces.

Viktor Suslov the deputy Interior Minister told today in an interview. “I think probability of collision will increase since April 10,” he said. According to him, it is because the Constitutional court will consider the President’s decree on VRU dissolution on April 11.
”We have the information that some extreme political forces plan to provoke collisions in order to ruin the Court’s session and to urge the President to declare state of emergency before the court brings the verdict,” Suslov said.

According tot him, the Interior Ministry has already arranged the intensive guard in most crowded places.

By the request of the Cabinet, the VRU, CEC and General Prosecutor’s office the guard in these buildings are enlarged.

Suslov also informed that “Berkut” departments from other regions of Ukraine are delivered in Kyiv.

”I am convinced that the problems will be solved in peaceful way and there will be nor forceful collision. In case of collision, it will be not between the departments of the security agencies but between people of different political opinion,” he said. In case the of the collision, the threat of civil war will be real, according to Suslov.

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