The PM of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych declares that the President Viktor Yushchenko cant dissolve the Government. He told yesterday after the NSDC meeting.

“According to the Constitution, the government can be dissolved by the VR resolution. There is no other variant including president’s decrees. It is time to come back to the constitutional field and obey the constitution. Without the parliament the Cabinet can’t be dissolved,” he noted

Yanukovych also noted that forceful variant of solving conflict is unreal. There are no reasons for this. “We see that meetings take place through out the country. Nobody hinders to express people’s opinion. There are no destructive methods used in maydans. It is very important to keep stability in the society,” he emphasized.

Moreover, Yanukovych added that there are no grounds for falling off in relations with Russia. Of course, there is a threat of destabilization but we hope to find way out. The country will develop stable. We will provide it,” he noted.


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