National Security and Defense Council charged the Cabinet of Ukraine up to April 7 to finance execution of early parliamentary election at the expense of reserved fund of the state budget, NSDC chairman Vitaly Gayduk told.

He noted that this decision will be approved by the President’s decree in the near time.

According to Gayduk, the decision concerns that NSDC admitted the President’s decree on pre-term dissolution of the VRU that aims at regulation of the political crisis and corresponds to interests of provision of national security.

NSDC set task for executive power bodies to provide fulfillment of this decree.

NSDC also charged Central election committee to approve order of funds usage for elections.

The Cabinet is charged to arrange non-visa regime for official observers of foreign countries.

Answering the question if the Government refuses to fulfill instructions on financing of the election campaign, Gayduk reminded that the President’s decrees are obligatory to be fulfilled by all bodies of executive power.


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