Victor Yushchenko attended a ceremony on Wednesday to swear in 88 newly appointed judges, president’s press office informed..

In his speech, the President said their profession was “exceptionally important” to build the country’s future.

“Our society is becoming more and more interested in creating an impeccable judicial system. Even those ignoring laws for years are interested in this,” he said, adding that the judicial system faced lots of challenges, both procedural and moral.

“The country we represent with you should become a democratic state where laws are dominant and fundamental. It is really important to have the judges that can take responsibility and are ready to protect the constitution.”

He said Ukraine’s younger generation of judges should renew the nation’s trust in their profession.

“I am convinced your rulings will be impartial, unbiased and independent, and will help put an end to this or that problem. You must serve the law, God and the people of Ukraine.”

Yushchenko also spoke about the situation in Ukraine. He said the political crisis had been triggered by the unconstitutional formation of a parliamentary coalition and fundamental violations of the constitution.

“My goal is to see in this hall those who know exactly what the rule of law is, how the constitution works and how to protect it,” he said. “Our struggle to uphold democratic values has never been easy and each Ukrainian generation had its own path. I would really like you… to walk this path with dignity.”


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