The Parliament demands the President of Ukraine to cancel the decree on dismissal of the Verkhovna Rada, the statement of the VR says. 257 deputies voted for adoption of the statement.

SPU faction leader Ivan Bokiy voiced the text of the statement.

According to Bokiy, the statement says that President’s decree is unconstitutional as it violates article 90 of the Basic Law.

Bokiy noted that neither the parliament nor the government recognize the decree, and the VR and the Cabinet continue working, as article 60 of the Constitution obliges every citizens and state bodies to ignore criminal decrees and resolutions of the President.

According to the parliamentarian, President’s decree on dismissal of the parliament can be treated as “a criminal act.”

“President’s reaction on acts of the VR adopted in proper terms, before publication of the decree, is disgraceful and outrageous. According to the Constitution acts of the VR are obligatory to be fulfilled by all bodies of the state power. President’s decrees aimed at cancellation of Cabinet’s resolutions are obviously unconstitutional,” Bokiy cited the document.

“None of President’s decrees can cancel the Constitution, laws of Ukraine and resolutions of the parliament, and discredit of parliamentarism and supreme legislation body is a criminal crime. The Verkhovna Rada demands the President to cancel his decree,” Bokiy declared.


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