The leader of public movement “People self-defense” Yury Lutsenko does not exclude that he can be at head of electoral list of “Our Ukraine” bloc at the parliamentary elections.

“I do not exclude it,” he said that the matter concerns not job placement of Lutsenko but representing of new ideas and people in “People self-defense”.

At the same time Lutsenko noted that he will reach for formation of one list of democratic forces – BYuT and “Our Ukraine”. “It is ground to win elections,” he said.

Commenting on Tymoshenko statement that OU and BYuT will represent themselves separately at elections as there are differences in opinions, Lutsenko said: “It does not mean that there will be two separate lists.

Now we form new ideas and new team that “People self-defense” can present. After this we will hold talks with our opposition partners,” he added.


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