Co-rapporteur of the PACE Monitoring committee Hanne Severinsen considers that Ukrainian politicians fight for power, but not for policy. She told in an interview to Delo magazine.

In particular, commenting on words of the President, who said that extension of the ruling coalition by means of taking opposition deputies is … of voters’ will, Severinsen noted: “I agree with the statement on that such actions misrepresent results of the elections and many Ukrainians may feel betrayed. To my opinion, not many debates on politics are held in Ukraine. Ukrainian politicians fight for power, but not for policy.”

At the same time, introduction of imperative mandate is not a way out and is absolutely undemocratic, Severinsen said.

“If a deputy elected to the parliament but does not agree with policy of his colleagues, he or she has a right to his own political position,” the official is convinced.

Commenting on the President’s statement which says about coalition’s attempt to usurp the power by means of collecting 300 deputies, Severinsen noted that in certain meaning it is suitable statement.

“There should be distribution of power among the President, the parliament and the government. Instead the coalition tries to take whole power. What is the aim of forming 300-vote-majority? What do these deputies want? Do they want to change tax legislation or other political changes? It seems like this policy only means having whole power. Such actions contradict Constitution,” Severinsen considers.

Commenting on the parliament’s address to PACE with a request to consider urgently the situation in Ukraine, Severinsen pointed out that the next session of PACE would be held in two weeks, and consideration of Ukraine’s situation could be included into agenda. “Though I hope the situation would have cleared up by that time,” she added.


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