The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko continues to hold political consultations with the government to achieve agreements on fulfillment of decree on VRU dissolution and early parliament elections. Olexander Chaly the deputy head of the President’s secretariat told today at the briefing.

“The President keeps on consultations with the government. He plans to hold a meeting with the PM soon,” Chaly said.

Chaly noted that today’s situation is not a confrontation between the President and PM but between parliamentary majority and opposition.

According to him, Yushchenko wants to achieve political consensus concerning the way of fulfillment of decree and conduct of parliamentary elections.

Chaly also noted that Yushchenko intends to address the people, political and public organizations to call upon to keep order and honest execution of democratic elections.

Chaly noted that the President addressed the representatives of the European commission and asked to give invitations to the national governments to participate in electoral monitoring.


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