Victor Yushchenko has met with Prosecutor General O. Medvedko, Defense Minister A. Hrytsenko, Interior Minister V. Tsushko, acting Chief of the Security Service V. Nalyvaichenko, Border Service Chief M. Lytvyn, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine S. Kyrychenko, Commander of the Interior Forces O. Kikhtenko, Intelligence Service Chief O. Halaka, and External Intelligence Service Chief M. Malomuzh, President’s press office informs.

The President insisted that they must not interfere with the process of resolving the political crisis.

“There are tens of thousands of armed people behind you and I am speaking to you to say this conflict we are having now is political. Politicians should resolve their conflicts politically,” he said.

Yushchenko said the situation in the country was quite regular and “needs to be settled in a democratic manner,” and so asked them not to mobilize their forces and inform their colleagues about “the causes and motives of today’s situation.”

“There is a threat to the country’s constitutional order and a violation of the fundamental human right, the right to vote,” he said, calling on Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies not to act emotionally but adhere to the constitution and other laws.

“I hope we all realize how vital it is today to follow all the constitutional clauses regulating your work. Your key mission is to be apolitical,” he said. “Your responsibility is to preserve social order. Your position must be firm and your obligation is to protect people from violence, blackmail and confrontation, no matter what political views they have,” he said.

The President then asked the Prosecutor General to analyze bills and resolutions passed by the Verkhovna Rada after his decree to dissolve parliament had been signed.

“Today, I will sign a decree to repeal the governmental resolutions adopted yesterdayon the basis of the parliamentary resolutions. Today, there will also be legal appeals against the actions of the government and parliament, which are unlawful and unconstitutional,” he said.


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