Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko's decree to dissolve parliament came into force on Tuesday when it was published in the official newspapers.

The people’s deputies adopted a resolution “On counteraction of the events that threaten the constitutional order, public peace and stability of Ukraine.”

According to Moroz, 252 people’s deputies voted for such resolution.

The resolution says that democracy of the parliamentary elections in 2006 was admitted all over the world.

More that 50 people’s deputies from the governing coalition have already addressed the Constitutional court concerning correspondence of President’s decree on VR dismissal to the Basic law.

Vasyl Kiselyov a member of Party of Regions informed that the President’s decree will not be fulfilled He noted that the coalition will take measures not to allow the President “to realize his criminal decree.”

The President’s decree also sets an early parliamentary election for May 27. Yanukovych’s supporters in parliament said on Monday the decree was akin to the start of a coup.

Moreover, the parliamentarians cancelled VRU resolution of December 8, 2004 on dismissal of Central Executive Committee. 261 people’s deputies voted for it.

The parliament adopted resolution on illegal interference of the President to the VRU activity. Moroz informed that according to this resolution, the Cabinet is forbidden to allocate funds to early parliamentary elections.

Lawmakers from Yanukovych’s coalition in parliament have written to the Constitutional Court asking it to rule on whether Yushchenko was acting legally by dissolving parliament.

The Cabinet does not intend to fulfill the President’s decree and will continue its work in accordance with the adopted by the VRU resolution, the Justice Minister Lavrynovych said.


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