Vice PM of Ukraine Dmytro Tabachnyk threatens officials, who will prepare a decree on dismissal of the parliament, with criminal responsibility. He told in an interview to journalists.

Tabachnyk noted that according to acting legislation there are no grounds for dismissal.

“On TV we can see a creeping line by Roman Zvarych authorship, which says that officials, who do not carry out a decree, which does not exist yet, will be called to account. It is quit odd position of the certificated lawyer to threaten with criminal responsibility for ignoring inexistent document,” Tabachnyk underscored.

At the same time the vice PM noted that in case of submission of the decree on dismissal of the VR authors of the document will account in accordance with three articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Tabachnyk said that any official, who submits and meaningly signs an illegal document, must remember about the article of the Criminal Code on abuse of power.

However, Tabachnyk expressed a hope that the President as a Head of State and a guarantor would not allow issuing illegal document.


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