The first vice speaker of the VR Adam Martynyuk read out the draft decree of the President on parliament dismissal to the people’s deputies in the VR.

Martynyuk noted that the draft decree foresees early dissolution of the VR, elected on March 26, 2006 because during one month the coalition of the deputy factions was not formed in accordance with article 83 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

The draft foresees to conduct next elections on May 27, 2007.

The Security service is charged to conduct security for citizens and public order during these processes.

The draft decree contains instructions for the Cabinet and Central election committee to provide early parliamentary elections.

According to Martynyuk, this draft envisages early elections as a result of illegal formation of the coalition. In particular, the coalition should be formed by deputy factions but not by separate deputies. Nowadays the coalition consists of deputies who do not belong to factions having formed the majority.

There is also a reference to the numerous addresses of the citizens to the President to dissolve the parliament because current processes in the parliament does not correspond the results of the election on March 26, 2006.


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