In case if President Yushchenko decrees to dissolve the parliament and to hold early parliamentary elections, the coalition will press for reelection of the President. Raisa Bogatyryova told in the air of 1+1 TV channel.

Bogatyryova also mentioned that in the President signs the decree 45 people’s deputies will appeal to the Constitutional Court with a demand to give official interpretation of this document.

“We will act in accordance with the Constitution. If the President wants early elections, he will get it and we will help him to be reelected,” Bogatyryova said.

At the same time Bogatyryova declared that a dialogue is still the best solution of pressing questions. She also stated that President Yushchenko has no right to interfere in the work of the parliament. “The President is not an apostle to ignore the Constitution and interfere in work of independent branches of the power, which is the Verkhovna Rada,” she said.


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