“7 miracles of Ukraine” has started in Ukraine. The deputy chairman of the VR Mykola Tomenko told at the press conference.

According to him, foreign tourism has been stressed recently but now own culture that is unique in different regions of Ukraine is much in demand.

In connection with this, we decided to start “7 miracles of Ukraine” action with the purpose to attract mass media and Ukrainians to the most popular monuments of history and culture of Ukraine.

He informed that action will consist of several stages. At first experts from each regions will propone three objects that are worth to be in list of “7 miracles of Ukraine”. After this seven best historical and cultural places will be chosen.

According to Tomenko, the results of this action will be announced on June 7, during “Ivana Kupala” fest.

On August 24 – a day o Ukraine’s independence, one monument will be chosen out of seven and be called “Miracle of Ukraine’s miracles”


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