The first deputy of the VRU chairman Adam Martynyuk calls extension of the coalition “psychological moment” and considers that the procedure of the impeachment is not stated legally.

“300 votes are not enough to begin impeachment. The impeachment procedure is stated in such a way that it is impossible,” he said.

“Except 375 votes it is also necessary to have decision of the Constitutional court, the Supreme court and also special prosecutor and special committee of injury that we don’t have at all,” Martynyuk explained.

“So forget about impeachment,” he noted.

Moreover, Martynyuk noted that 300 votes are not as an end in itself. “Personally I don’t stand for the coalition has 350 or 400 deputies. The number is not important. The most important is the coalition itself that works and there is no threat for its collapse. Current extension of the coalition is psychological moment,” he said.

Moreover, Martynyuk considers that coalition extension is legal. He noted that the people’s deputies have right to join the coalition, at the same time being the members of their factions.


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