The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko scrutinizes thoroughly all possible ways out of political crisis in the country. Viktor Baloha the head of the President’s secretariat told after the meeting of the President with the PM Viktor Yanukovych.

The President seeks such solutions that can stop deep influence of crisis processes on the power of Ukraine.

“Systematic and fair disrespect to the Constitution became a norm for the parliamentary majority and the government. Legislators violate the basic law and pretend that nothing happens. The bright example is joining of the oppositional deputies the coalition. Of course the politicians can change their political sex but it is a question of morality. However, the Constitution forbids to expend the coalition in such way,” Baloha said.

Baloha is convinced that the recent meeting of the President with judges of the Constitutional court will be positive impulse for activity of this body. “Only the Constitutional court will give answer the society concerning configuration of the power in the country,” Baloha said.

Baloha informed about numerous addresses to the President with demand to dismiss the parliament. “There are about eight thousands of such claims out of all regions,” he noted.


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