Victor Yushchenko said on Tuesday the enlargement of the parliamentary majority was unconstitutional. He said only parliamentary factions can create a coalition under Ukraine’s constitution, president’s press office informs.

“There can be no personal or group membership,” he said, calling such variants of joining the coalition “illegitimate and unconstitutional.”

The President reiterated that there was a “deep political crisis” in the country.

“Unfortunately, it is becoming deeper and deeper,” he said, adding that “Ukraine’s constitution, civil rights and freedoms, including the rights of our voters, are being impudently ignored.”

He characterized recent votes to pass the cabinet bill and changes to the Land Code, as well as plans to pass bills on the National Security and Defense Council or the National Energy Regulating Commission as undemocratic. He said he was not a supporter of violent methods of resolving the crisis and called for political dialogue. “However, there is no such political dialogue today. It is being ignored,” he complained.

Thus the only democratic instrument to resolve the crisis is the Constitutional Court, he said. “The nation should have an effective constitutional court. That is the most important thing….”

Yushchenko said his intention was to establish a constitutional commission to revise and balance the country’s supreme law. He added that this commission should consist of political experts, public leaders and journalists, "not Ukraine's political leaders."


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