Prime minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych considers President’s comments on Kinakh’s joining the coalition to be insulting, emotional and short-sighted. Yanukovych told in the air of Ukraine TV channel.

“He (Yushchenko – ed.) shouldn’t have insulted and humiliated him. Most likely, it was pure emotions. Talking to the President I expressed my point of view. It was the party’s decision, made jointly, and to insult Anatoly Kinakh, and especially call him with offensive words, is rather short-sighted action.  

“I would not like but say. Does he start working for hostile Government, or what? Or is the Government not of Ukraine? The coalition was elected by the Ukrainian people, after all. As a matter of fact, I don’t understand these words, I would say it is mere verbiage,” Yanukovych noted.

The PM considers Kinakh is a sufficient person who did much for development of our country.

Yanukovych estimates Kinakh and people’s deputies from Party of industrialists and entrepreneurs as a constructive part of the parliament who does not want early elections.

“The constructive part of the parliament does not want any extreme actions either in the parliament or in the country. But some actions and conduct of the people’s deputies led to the joining of member of BYuT and OU the coalition, because they want to be in the process but not “to wander the parliamentary corridors,” Yanukovych noted.


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