Victor Yushchenko signed yesterday the Charter of Paris Against Cancer to "confirm Ukraine’s desire and political will to achieve its goals, and our country's intention to fulfill it." The Charter of Paris is aimed at improving cancer treatment and developing cancer research, president's press office reported. 

"By joining the Charter of Paris, which has been signed by thirty-two countries, Ukraine demonstrates its aspiration to reinforce its efforts to fight cancer and help cancer patients," he said.

The President said 90,000 Ukrainians die of cancer every year and called on all of us to unite to fight it. He said the country could reduce this number by promoting cancer awareness and popularizing healthy lifestyle. He added that it was also vital prevent and diagnose cancer more efficiently.

Mr. Yushchenko said a Cancer Institute would be established in Ukraine soon. It will unite scientific, professional and administrative resources in order to formulate a national agenda to fight cancer, unify treatment standards and adopt state-of-the-art medical techniques. He said the government was now preparing a National program to fight cancer for 2007-2016. One of its objectives is to create this institute, he added.

France’s Ambassador to Ukraine, who was present at today’s ceremony, read out a letter written by French President Jacques Chirac: “France welcomes the fact that Ukraine joined the Charter of Paris…”

The honorary President of France’s Institut National du Cancer (National Cancer Institute) said, “Today’s event to sign the Charter of Paris is a huge step forward. It is truly humanistic and aimed at benefiting people.”   


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